I pass through

and find my soap being used, I feel so grateful.”

a bit

but we will get there eventually because I never give up.
I don’t give up.”

“I stop by
and say:

Please, do you know that you're not wearing your mask? Can you please put on your mask?”

“People travel
about 50 km
to fetch water.

They asked us: why do you teach us about COVID and washing? There is no water.”

“My business
was cut off

and I thought I shouldn’t just sit around. It's the community that has brought me up. It's time to give back.”

“I was
forward to

a moment when we could intervene and see how we could create awareness about the disease.”

“If I start
about myself,

what about the hundreds of people who are out there?”

“What I

was share information. I felt so bad, but I would still get to the bottom of it all and share.”

“Our teachers
used to
talk to us

about how to guide ourselves, but now there’s no one. You take care of yourself.”

“I am working
for the health
of my children.

The next generation will be healthy and free from bacteria and diseases.”

“We want
to see
people change

for the better, their well-being uplifted.”

“I did
not stop

even at that time. I told people nearby to keep social distancing and to do this, do that. But deep inside, I was so scared.”

“There is

human beings cannot change if they work hard. Nothing is impossible.”

“You have
to do what
is right.

And you have to do what you are meant to do: save lives.”

“It made
me feel

when they started following instructions because it can avoid the spread of this virus.”


I felt like this is it. I have something to give the community. My knowledge, my skills.”