Dutch creative agency BRANDOUTLOUD collaborated with local film crews in Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda to portray the efforts of this incredible group of movers and shakers.

Let the creators take you behind the scenes and watch the all-smiles and dances production for this ‘Movers and Shakers’ series.


These bizarre times kept everyone from far people and places. As a creative team, we had to adapt like everyone else. But creativity would not be our middle name if we couldn’t find new ways, new techniques and new workflows to bring people closer together.

“We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to work with such great film crews in every country. Not to mention the sixteen unique contributors to this series and the local country production teams. It was through their effort, commitment and passion that this project grew into such a success. Good vibes flowed and we are left with an amazing outcome that is second to none. It has been a true and beautiful ride.”

With special thanks to:

Charles, Dixon, Etalem, Gelana, Gladys, Hussien, John, Cate, Lomi, Martha, Mary, Moses, Rebecca, Robert, Salome, Sophia, Patrick, Rithwan, Sandra, Sara, Klaartje, Tom, Martin, Margot, Samuel, Kenaw, Nanneke, Reinilde, Kumbulani, Bendy, Sharon, Ignacio, Mesfin, Abi, Prince, Sophie.

And all the other friends we’ve met on this fascinating journey.