The Book

The compelling stories that you will find on this website have also been trusted to paper. The beautiful limited-edition Movers and Shakers book captures the zeitgeist of 2020 by telling the unfolding story of COVID-19 from around the world and how ordinary people in marginalised countries were affected. It contains many stunning photographs, taken with the support of local creatives.

By highlighting the pandemic’s effects on individuals and communities, the book reveals the long-lasting and even transformative impacts on daily lives. In places where so many survive hand to mouth on low-paid and insecure work, it tells the inspiring stories of those who stood up and faced the tremendous challenges posed by the pandemic head on.


Readers will be touched by heartening tales of leadership and resilience as well as the uplifting efforts of local people who persuaded, directed and persevered. These stories are particularly impressive given the difficulties faced by poor countries which struggle to provide basic health services even at the best of times.

The book will be distributed to key institutions and partners, including governments, the international media, civil society organisations and the WASH consortium and network. A unique publication guaranteed to make an invaluable contribution to initiatives and events that address global challenges.

Would you like to receive a copy of the book? Please, get in touch.